You Can't fool them…

When we severed the cord that tethered our devices to geographic locales, we effectively made ourselves cybernetically telepathic — able to cast our thoughts across the globe on a whim. For the generation that grew up in the midst of this transformation — the digital natives — the changes seem all but imperceptible. Their elders—who lived through the changes—may feel like visitors: strangers in a strange land.

Author, digital pioneer, and geek dad Jason Cranford Teague explains how the gap between generations is not as wide as many think. Whether you are a parent raising one of these digital natives, a professional trying to reach this audience, or a digital native yourself; learn how technology is changing the way communication works.


What you will learn:

  • The history of teen engagement with technology
  • Teen expectations of technology today
  • Who teens trust online
  • How teens are learning today
  • Where all of this is going


Jason Cranford Teague