How the Internet Changes Who You Trust and How You Think

There is just too much information in the universe—too much to know—for one person to experience even a small fraction of it it all first hand. We have always turned to the people around us to help sift through and synthesize data (turning information into knowledge) and to help us learn what's going on (turn knowledge into understanding). We have always relied on our trusted filters.

The Trusted Filter examines where the shifts in culture and technology we are currently experiencing developed, the implications they have on how we gather and process information, and where these changes may be leading us. Neither reactionary nor Pollyanna, The Trusted Filter will acknowledge the downsides of the “New” media, but will equally acknowledge that the devaluation of “Traditional” media is not a bad thing.

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What You will learn:

  • How trust is and is not working on the web
  • Methods for engaging users with trust
  • Where trust will be heading in the future


Jason Cranford Teague