This workshop trains students in using design thinking methodology to solve complex design problems with an eye toward keeping the audience engaged through telling strong and dynamic narratives over time.

Prototyping User Experiences

This workshop will teach students to think beyond the confines of static prototyping to create their ideas in time as well as space, allowing them to see how their design concepts work as well as look.

This workshop is for anyone interested in how user interfaces are developed—but do not consider themselves developers— and who want to understand how user interfaces are developed.

This workshop is for anyone interested in upping their development game by learning how to create great experience design, even though they do not consider themselves a designer.

Design for Trust

In this workshop we present the principles of trust for design and look at how designers can use them to help clients understand often obscure design decisions.

And Much More…

We  have also trained groups in digital typography, responsive and agile web design, designing for teens, data visualization,  and many other areas of digital media. We are available to discuss your training needs and if we can’t help you, we probably know someone who can.