“Seamless experiences

[The CranfordTeague Group] knows how to push technology/design and where to follow the standard, creating rich, seamless experiences across multiple devices.
Timothy Deegan, Oracle


We can't say enough good about [The CranfordTeague Group's] professionalism and the tremendous quality of the Web design strategy.
David Knight, XPrize Foundation


"Ideas are meant to be shared"

Jason has been a top rated speaker at many Modev conferences and events including our most recent Code Writers Workshops. He believes that our ideas are meant to be shared — a trait that will make any attendee, co-worker, company and industry all the better. 
Pete Erikson, MoDev


[Jason] is not only a good resource for direction and strategy, but also for me personally as a designer.
Trevor Ely, CapitalOne


[The CranfordTeague Group] willingly shares their expertise with others, informally and formally through educational courses designed specifically for web designers new and old.
— Dave Artz, AOL



Ask Jason anything about building and designing for the web and he will probably be able to give you the history of the problem, solutions that have been successes and failures and 10 tools to make it happen. He is clearly passionate about learning. 
Brian Price, USAToday


[The CranfordTeague Group] is a magical resource for both forward-looking strategy and solid implementation.
Tim Bailey, Yuri's Night


[The CranfordTeague Group] trained our design teams in how to code designs cleanly. The feedback on his sessions was always excellent.
Peter Rivera, AOL


“Joy & Humor”

[Jason] is passionate about catalyzing the creative growth of his colleagues and the broader community. I particularly appreciate the joy and humor he brings to his work. I've benefited tremendously from Jason's creative judgment.
— Michael Mossoba, CapitalOne