How Your Words Can Stifle Great Ideas

I've been in a lot of design critiques, stand-up sessions, and reviews over the years, and began to notice something: there are some questions and statements that are time-bombs ready to explode and kill creativity in the project. They are not always asked using the exact same words, but the meaning and results are the same.

To help you out, Jason translates these questions and statements into how they make you feel, identifying the problem with them, and then helping you construct an appropriate answer (and better questions).

For more details on questions that kill creativity, see Jason's article "6 seemingly innocent questions guaranteed to kill creativity" on CreativeBloq.

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What You will learn

  • How to effectively critique work for better and more harmonious team meetings
  • Questions and phrases to avoid
  • How to hear what someone is really asking or saying when reviewing a product


Jason Cranford Teague