Your Portfolio Is The Key to Any Design Job

If you don't have one, then you need not bother to apply. You can have all of the fancy schooling, you can know the entire Adobe Creative Cloud product line like your own family, and you may have worked at Ogilvy while moonlighting at Frog, but if you do not show  your design thinking process, you might as well go into chartered accountancy.

We will run you through the ropes of who your audience is, what you need to show (and not show), and why your portfolio is the most important tool you have to get the right job.

For more details on design portfolios, see Jason's article "Why you must get the presentation of your portfolio right" on CreativeBloq.

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What You will learn

  • How to construct your portfolio
  • Who your audiences are for your portfolio
  • What to have (and not to have) in your portfolio


Jason Cranford Teague